More than just medical insurance

Our Organizational Vision:

To save lives

Our Organizational Mission

Pioneer pre-hospital emergency medical services in Lesotho

Our Strategic Goals

    • Provide solutions that enables clients to mitigate health risks related to medical emergencies and disasters.
    • Achieve Universal access of pre-hospital medical emergency services in first 10 years
    • Contribute in creating a society that is better prepared to deal with life’s medical emergencies.
    • Ensure sustainable value creation and profitability of the company
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Pre-Hospital Emergency Medical Care

Project Site Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services

  • Vitality Health offers customized pre-hospital emergency medical services under contract to a range of clients in different industries such as construction, infrastructure, mining, tourism etc.

Partner Company Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services

  • Vitality Health provides tailored emergency medical services to Companies wishing to have dedicated emergency response and medical care for their employees while on duty.

Partner Medical Aid Scheme Pre-hospital Emergency Medical Services

  • Vitality Health partners with Medical Aid Scheme members to offer comprehensive pre-hospital medical emergency services to their members.
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Specialised Medical Aid Scheme

Health Plans

  • Specialised Medical Health Plan that guarantees members cash payout in case of hospitalisation.
  • The health plans empowers members with total control and freedom on how hopitalisation cash payout should b used.
  • Key products:
    • Vitality Health Standard
    • Vitality Health Smart
    • Vitality Health Executive
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Hospital Outsourced Services

Temporary Locum Workforce

  • Key Areas of Competency:
  • Ambulance services,
  • Catering/Food services,
  • Coffee shop,
  • Porters,
  • Waste management
  • House Keeping
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